Rub Me Tender, Rub Me Too

            For Christmas this year, JoAnn and I made spice-sets. I'll let JoAnn tell you about all the great dishes you can cook, over on her blog. Since these spices are essentially "rubs" for meats and veggies, JoAnn came up with the names "Rub Me Tender" (for the meat spices) and "Rub Me Too" (for the veggie and fish spices). My job was to create the labels.

I was going for a down-home rustic look for the text. Unfortunately, once I figured out the actual size of the labels, I wound up getting rid of most of the interesting details on the letter boards (they didn't scale well). If I were to do it again, I'd probably shoot for something different. 

I wanted the animal/vegetable characters to look like friendly, happy characters. JoAnn thinks they look a little risque.