Green Arrow vol. 1-2: Quiver & Sounds of Violence – Kevin Smith

The most important thing to come out of these collections wasn’t the resurrection of the original Green Arrow, but the admission in the introduction that Smith doesn’t bother doing any research before writing. This explains why everything he does smacks of repetition. I went into this read with low expectation, as Smith tends to be heinously wordy while disrupting his character’s continuum, yet I enjoyed his parade of various members of the DC universe (even if he didn’t get that Burgess junior was gay) as they come to terms with the fact that their lost companion has mysteriously returned. The additional plotline of a dark magician killing children was also fun, although the villain Onomatopoeia’s quest to kill two-bit heroes in Sounds of Violence was pointless and blissfully ignored by the next two collections. Smith was at his best having Oliver Queen trying to pick up his life from where it ended despite that everyone else has moved on.