Recent Comic Reviews 9/9/07

(some more recent than others) She-Hulk 20 & 21: Bad news: writer Dan Slott is leaving this title. Worse news: he tries to wrap up all his plotlines (a half dozen or more) in his final two issues. It just doesn't quite work. And while I suppose it's nice that Slott chose not to leave us hanging, it's especially sad that we get to see what might have been a fairly fun year (or more) had he had the chance to develop the stories. (Oh, and I'll miss Rich Burchet's artwork as well.) Next up is writer Peter David, whom I like, but I think now is a good time to drop this title as I really am not interested in a more serious She-Hulk. "Serious" and "She-Hulk" don't belong in the same sentence.

Atom 15: The New Atom's search for the original Atom comes to an end---with no real resolution. I don't mind, as that plotline was just a cash grab tie-in with Countdown, but it's still disrespectful to fans to force them to read other comics to find out how a story ends. Luckily, this title is getting back to its psuedo-science weirdness as Godzilla's lesser known cousins attack Ivytown. If this book can just veer away from the psychotic killers (a real passion for writer Simone, it seems) it'll stay one of my monthly favorites.

Infinity Inc. 1: This book is a clear effort to capitalize on the success of 52, with one of the weaker elements of that title. But I'm a big fan of writer Peter Milligan, (although his work is largely hit or miss for me) so I thought I'd give it shot. Unfortunately, none of the characters appeal to me (they're all angsty whiners), and the premise is pretty time-worn. I may check it out in the trade compilation as some stories take longer to develop, but for now, this one is a "no, thanks." 

Amz. Spider-Man 544: Supposedly, this is the beginning of the Spider-Man reboot in which all the bad things are washed away and a new/good-old Spider-Man returns. (We'll see.) As an issue, it's pretty tedious, and though I haven't been buying Amz, it seems the "Aunt May is dying" storyline has been dragging on for six months (it certainly drags in this issue as Pete runs around yelling and moping about how he must save her). Personally suspect it's a red herring, and MJ is the one who'll be bumped off. A hard reboot may be what it takes to salvage Spider-Man, but without good writing, it really won't add up to much.

Black Canary Wedding Planner: This was a light, fluffy, nothing little book that was yet another time-killer (cash-grabber) before the (supposed) wedding of Canary and Green Arrow. I'm just enough of a GA fan to pick this one up. Essentially, GA nags Canary who keeps putting off planning so that she can fight crime. There's nothing deep or meaningful here, but it still managed to be kinda fun.