Feeding Stingrays at the Atlantis Marine World

Due in part to crappy weather (thanks a lot Hurricane Dan, you jerk) and my sister being out of town, I took my three nieces to the Atlantis aquarium in Riverhead, Long Island. It is a pretty awesome place although it is expensive (I can only afford it once a year) and this time I got to feed the southern stingrays (Dasyatis americana) some fish which was super cool as they splashed all over the place to receive my benevolence. Of course things might have gone smoother if I had actually known where the mouth is on those things, but it was a good opportunity to try out my new underwater camera. Once again, I was reminded that my death will come at the “hands” of a mollusk as every time I pass by an octopus tank the eight armed monstrosity suddenly gets all agitated. PS If anyone has seen my nieces—last seen by the sea lions—drop me a line.