Lost – season I and II

None of the characters on this show are who they appear to be, especially the ones that are. If that didn’t make sense to you then avoid this series. I really enjoyed the first season about a few dozen survivor of a plane crash stranded on a not so deserted island. The conflicts—whether inner, interpersonal, or verse the mysterious people, creatures, and happenings on this bizarre island—are poignant and tangled, leaving the viewer hungry for more. Sadly, the next season suffered from weaker writing revolving around pointless oddities that cumulated in a finale which, instead of enticing me for the next year, was so full of the ridiculous that it convinced me to abandon the show permanently, something its blatant Catholic undertones couldn’t even do (yes, I know there is Buddhist symbolism too, but its used largely for an other worldly quality). A few words of advice for anyone in such a predicament as these pieces of jetsam: If you are lucky enough to have a brilliant doctor like Jack on the island with you, ignore his condescending, hypocritical, self-righteous, reluctant hero attitude that grew old halfway through the pilot, and keep him locked up. His never ending quest to play hero puts everyone’s lives in jeopardy since if he dies so does everyone else. If you are unlucky enough to have a self-destructive, self-serving criminal like Sawyer in your group you should not only lock him up but publicly torture him to death. Hey, it’s Lord of the Flies here and you can’t afford to let that ladies man hold everyone hostage by hiding vital supplies. Use a sharp piece of scrap metal from the wreckage and dribble some of the infinitely available salt water into a number of shallow cuts and he’ll be begging you to take back the guns, food, and medicine. If not, you are no worse off and you will have both eliminated an internal threat and guaranteed no one else will try the same. (I guess they don't really care since they waste supplies like they can pop over to the corner store at any time.) If you don’t have a brilliant, spiritual survivalist like John Locke, then lie down and die. If you do, beat the hell out of Jack every time he mouths off to this kind-hearted man who has had the worst life of anyone on this place. If you happen upon this particular island and you don’t have Sayid, the former Iraqi Republican Guard who can and will do what needs to be done, kill yourself as it will be less painful that way. As to everyone else on this show, you don’t need them to survive, so enjoy their company until they go the way of a red shirted Star Trek character.