Avatar: The Last Airbender – season I

Four different people, each representing one of the elements, have created a culture revolving around their specific element. Some of each people, known as benders, have even developed magical powers over their element, which they evoke using a specialized martial arts style. While the nations were distinct, they lived in harmony due to the reincarnation of a bender, called the Avatar, who could master the ways of all the elements.

Then came the time when the Fire Nation declared war on the rest. Only the Avatar, currently incarnated as Aang, a 12-year old member of the Air Nomads and only just beginning his training as a bender, could stop the destruction. Unfortunately, he disappeared.

A hundred years pass without another Avatar and the Fire Nation is on the verge of total control when waterbender Katara and her goofy brother Sokka happen upon the lost Aang frozen in ice. Together they will attempt to complete Aang’s training, avoid the clutches of the disgraced Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation—who needs to capture the Avatar to restore his honor—and his hilarious and surprisingly hardcore Uncle Iroh, and stop the madness of the Fire Nation.

I can’t thank Victoria enough for introducing me to this cartoon, with its clever and deep characters, awesome world of two-in-one animals, great humor, intense fight scenes, and detailed plots.