Myth-Gotten Gains – Robert Asprin & Jody Lynn Nye

Aahz’s vacation was right on schedule until he met Ersatz, the magical sword of the Golden Horde. Suddenly he’s teamed up with his old M.Y.T.H. inc. companion, a fellow demon named Tananda, and her employer, Calypsa, who is trying to free her wizard imprisoned grandfather, and they are off to reunite the magical, egocentric members of the legendary Horde, who, unfortunately, are spread across the dimensions and happen to hate each other. I have mixed feelings about this story. It’s a fine enough adventure, despite the appalling lack of type-editing and an implied anti-Jewish invective on page 247—odd for a series that is always throwing in Yiddish (PS dreck doesn’t mean garbage; keep it clean, guys)—, yet the heart of the series was the Skeeve and Aahz student-mentor connection, which, while played with, is missing. In fact, we’ll probably never see that dynamic again, in which case maybe Asprin should stop having Nye continue the tales. I loved those stories, but sometimes endings are needed. If Asprin can’t even be bothered to have his signature chapter quotes, then it’s time.

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