The generation that watched the cartoon about warring factions (good v. evil, naturally) of robots who could transform into various vehicles has grown up and are now treated to a hysterical, action packed movie. In this live action/CGI film (not the animated one 21 years earlier) Optimus Prime and his good, Autobot, robots must acquire the Allspark cube before the evil Decepticons under Megatron can use it to destroy our world. Purists, AKA nerds, might be despondent at changes from the ‘80s cartoon or that their favorite character wasn’t present. I, although I had a great time watching it opening night, was annoyed for another reason. For a movie about robots, cut the number of chattering humans. Granted they were usually very funny, but are black people nothing but comic relief or cannon fodder? The world’s greatest computer mind is an unemployed black man. Anyway, cut the number of fleshlings down to a third for the sequel, please.