A Wind in the Door – Madeleine L’Engle

I’ve been rereading some of L’Engle’s works (see my other posts) in some vain attempt to recapture a not particularly good childhood, and recently finished this installment of the continuing series while taking in a summer day at the beach. PS Thanks a lot to the seagull that pooped right on the middle of the page during the climatic scene against the Echthroi; that sure wasn’t fewmets. In this book our hero, the incredibly insecure math wiz, Meg, and her ultra-popular boyfriend, Calvin, return and team up with what appears to be a drive of dragons and, of all things, their hated elementary school principal, Mr. Jenkins, to once again rescue reality, only this time instead of traveling to distance planets they will go inside Meg’s brilliant little brother, Charles Wallace, in order to save this lynch pin lad from an evil force. L’Engle weaves spirituality and science into a seamless fabric of adventure and suspense that left a profound impact in my life when I first encountered the story some quarter of a century ago and, while obviously not the same now that I’m (technically) an adult, is still a great read today.