A Hipper Crowd of Shushers? Say what?!

Every so often the New York Times, AKA The Grey Lady, likes to believe it’s hip to the radical scene the kids today are all chilling with, despite having the astuteness of a grey lady. A recent article by Kara Jesella caught my attention especially considering my presentation at the PCA. In it, the NYT talks about a single colony of non-stereotype librarians and explains that this is the new face of the profession. I wish. The Times has to recognize that just because they write it, doesn’t make it true. Just ask Jayson Blair et al. What is true is that the Times wants people to think that it’s culturally savvy enough to spot trends. If that were the case, comics would be cool, a trend the Times reports every few years in the face of consistently abysmal comic sales. Is the profession of librarianship changing? Hell, yeah! Is it soon to be filled with tattooed, hair dyed, specialty drink guzzling hipsters? Heavens, no.