4th of July Parade, 2007 – Southampton, NY

I decided to celebrate my birthday by watching the Southampton (in Suffolk country Long Island) parade. Fire and ambulance volunteers, significantly higher paid than their city counterpart police, vets from various wars, community organizations, protest and cultural groups, and many others matched in this grand spectacle that would have been more enjoyable if not an incredible two hours long. Seriously, how many fire department trucks do you want blasting their sirens at you? I was happy to see everything and gave them all a cheer and a flag wave, but the whole shebang would have a greater impact if consolidated and with more creativity. It was nice to see various free speech and culturally diverse groups respectfully participating and reminding viewers that Independence Day is about freedom and not a rally in support of those in power. Eventually I’ll get a Flickr account and post some of the pictures I took with my brand new awesome digital camera given to me by the Silversteins.