13 Bullets – David Wellington

Pennsylvanian trooper Caxton is out of her league. She has been assigned to Special Deputy Arkeley, the only living officer to have successfully faced vampires, and the two of them must unravel and upset the sinister plans of a vampire brood before it’s too late. I really enjoy Wellington’s writing (see my other posts) and he presents some great characters—the complex, audacious and justifiably terrified Caxton; Arkeley, the enigmatic, vengeance obsessed jerk; even the patient, scheming vampire Malvern—married to incredibly blood soaked actions of vampire rampages and horrific mental rapes. I was put off that in his world of vampires as fact, and that his vampires were nigh unstoppable killing machines, that the government and media paid almost no attention and provided practically no resources to stop a just starting resurgence of a vampire threat (not seen in a generation) that had already mounted a triple digit death toll. Also, Wellington’s revenants are too reminiscent of his zombie, Gary, from Monster Island. Still, it is his first vampire tale and shows great promise especially when he forgoes the hack-and-slash vampires (leave such banality to the mindless hoards of zombies or the lone raging werewolf) for the devious, seductive ones.