Alex and the Ironic Gentleman – Adrienne Kress

When I was surreptitiously receiving someone else’s pass to the BEA, I noticed a young, pretty, and confused woman also attempting to figure out how she was going to enter the event. It turns out that she was Kress and was at the BEA to sign advance copies of her first novel, a young adult book. I was glad to read this fun adventure about a young girl (and I’m always glad to read strong female characters), Alex, who embarks on a rescue attempt of her sixth grade teacher who has been kidnapped by the dreaded pirate Steele as the two are engaged in a generations old custody battle over hidden treasure. However, the story reeks of Lemony Snicket’s influence (not necessarily a bad thing in principle as I enjoy his works; be sure to read my posts on him), needlessly and too often removes us from the main action, and disrupts the realistic elements with a talking octopus and kitchen appliance.