Popular Culture Association 2007

The last time I went to the Popular Culture Association was in 2002 in Toronto, Canada, where I presented an admittedly very superficial paper on the status of comic books during the 1950s. I found many of the attendants rather snobbish and, aside from going to a Midwest Popular Culture Association the next year (where I was both well received and better prepared), I decided not to bother going back. However, times change and I wanted to explore how librarians were portrayed in various media to see how (if) modern images were different from the stereotyped spinster. The 2007 Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association met this year in Boston. I managed to drag my friend Cory with me and get him to be my personal chauffer. Since library and archival work doesn’t exactly scream pop culture, there was less than two days worth of presentations from my department and Cory and I only stayed for one and spent the other site seeing. My paper, entitled Hipster Librarians: The Changing Portrayal of Librarians in Popular Culture, seemed to go over well and I certainly enjoyed researching it—even if I failed to find real evidence of a “hipster” image for librarians and instead focused on the dangers (for the profession) of some of the contemporary, post 2000, images of librarians as they are secretive and manipulative. Many thanks to chairman professor Allen Ellis for all his support and I hope to see you again next year.

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