Berest Dance Center: The June Demonstration

Two of my nieces, Chloe and Nealie, were part of this children’s dance show (the third, Caitlin, did all the dances from the aisles). I wasn’t able to see it, but viewed the dress rehearsal. It’s always fun to see little kids performing and some of them worked so hard it makes you proud. (My nieces were among the best, naturally.) I would like to thank the instructors for putting it all together, except they were rather pathetic. Young children learn through repetition more than some intellectual understanding of the events and constantly having them perform an action, interrupted by their instructors loosing contact with each other, only to be told to forget it as something else was attempted is disconcerting to a person who is years away from being in the double digit age range. I felt bad for the kids, especially when the adults started to take their frustration out on them. Apparently, it doesn’t help the situation to groan “these teachers obviously failed in their life’s ambitions, but they shouldn’t be making the kids suffer for it” in an auditorium with great acoustics.