Why My Life Still Sucks - A MoCCA Art Fest 2007 Review

Why My Life Still Sucks, 2007, by our very own Mark! Alpert, following up his acclaimed Why My Life Sucks, premiered at this year's MoCCA Art Festival in New York City. This minicomic collects another set of hilarious comics about how much Mark!'s life sucks (though it's really not that bad, but don't try to tell him that). There are two highlights in this collection. The first is the side splitting "The Great Texan Kidney Stone Epidemic of 1993," both written and awfully, I mean, awesomely drawn by Mark! It's a tale of friendship, love, and sickness, starring the three founding fathers of the Amrzrace (though I prefer to call them "mothers" followed by an explicative action). "My Life With Ivan Brunetti," is the second highlight, in which Mark! makes contact with Schizo's Mr. Brunetti and finds out he's not such a sick f$*# after all...?

There are several other comics many of us can relate to, like crushing on the girl who works at the comic book shop, top ten signs you may be a sci-fi/fanasy geek, and so on.

Trade for, or buy, this mincomic today as you won't be disappointed.*

*I'm not just writing this because I owe Mark! my life.