From Trout Stream to Bohemia: a Walking Guide to Greenwich Village History – Joyce Gold

I took the day off to try one of Joyce Gold’s self-guided walking tours through one of the more interesting Manhattan neighborhoods. The guidebook provides historical information on an area of the city that I’ve spent so much time in without really knowing. I enjoyed taking this tour although I might have had a better—if less private—time with the actual tour lead by the historian Gold as I found the plan of attack given in her book convoluted and counter-intuitive, at least one of the pictures didn’t match the reality, and some of the sites were little more than a famous guy once spent a couple of months in a building that no longer exists on this site. There are also many interesting areas along the route that aren’t covered in the guide that are worth spending some time at. If you are going to live in this ridiculously overpriced city, you need to do activities like this. Check out for more information.