Birds of Prey: Perfect Pitch – Gail Simone

I really like the idea of female superheroes getting the spotlight for a change in order to prove they can kick butt as well as any man. Unfortunately I can’t get into this series. Maybe it’s because the characters (Oracle/Batgirl, Black Canary, Huntress, and Lady Blackhawk to name a few) are secondary in the DC universe, although how many female superhero are primary? Or it could be due to the plot of rescuing a fellow “Bird” and the action of fighting the supervillains that make up the Secret Society takes precedent over developing character depth, except that there is the major subplot of Black Canary undergoing intense martial arts training at the hands of an evil master and the spiritual issues she deals with. So why don’t I love this title? I guess it just hasn’t truly managed to balance the action and character development that I crave and make them both exciting enough for me. Better luck next time, ladies.