Do you realize that this comedy about a group of misfit doctors is on three different channels several hours a day? I started watching it only because it was on whenever I sat down to eat and wanted to watch TV (OK, I eat at unusual hours). At first I hated this show with its trite characters and “today’s moral” endings, yet I knew I was getting addicted to it when I started making sure to prepare my meals for whenever it would come on. Maybe it’s the odd-ball comedy of J.D., the overly sensitive star who narrates his life at the hospital and whose imaginations takes him on joy rides; or maybe it’s the tactless humor of Dr. Cox whose megalomania so compliments his underling’s insecurity while running roughshod over everyone’s feelings; or maybe it’s that I see myself as a bizarre composite of the two (minus the doctor parts). Whatever it is, I can't get enough of this sitcom.