Superman: Red Son – Mark Millar

Millar had an excellent ending for a comic about what would happen if Superman were raised in Stalinist USSR. Unfortunately, you have to read through a lot to get there. It begins with the same old story “cleverly” retold from yet another angle. And I’m really sick of the god-like Superman. Isn’t it enough that he can leap tall buildings in a single bound etc? does he really have to be able to learn a language in ten minutes and hear whispers miles away? Lex Luther is even worse. Millar, if you are going to be ridiculous, then get it straight: If Superman is nearly omnipotent he can catch Batman. But those mistakes are typical of Millar. I’ve never heard so many atheist communists saying “Jesus” and it was Leningrad, not St. Petersburg back then, and someplace is either two hundred or two miles away, not both. I’d be happy with these sloppy parts if the author could capture the characters’ personalities.