Banana Sunday (2006) - A Trade Paperback Review

Banana Sunday (2006), by Root Nibot & Colleen Coover is suggested for youth ages 7 and up, and is the story of a new girl at Forest Edge High School who arrives with three "monkeys" (to be accurate—primates) who can talk. In chapter 1, the audience is told that they are the result of science. Go-Go is a sweet, yet dumb gorilla who always naps and loves bananas and simple things in life. Knobby is a spider monkey with strong affections for any female human. Chuck is an intelligent and pompous orangutan who wants nothing more than to show up his teachers. These monkeys have come to Forest Edge to learn more about humans, and in turn, have humans learn more about them, yet what secret do they hold that Kirby must keep safe? What challenges will she face when her new friend Nickels, the school reporter, wants nothing more than to uncover this exciting secret? And how will Martin, a boy who likes Kirby, play into all this drama? Banana Sunday is an easy read and a light-hearted, prehensile tale for kids, with a few exceptions, such as a concubine joke, which is funny to me, but what does one tell their child when asked what a concubine is? Perhaps that's just a tidbit thrown in for older readers, perhaps for mom and dad, to get an extra laugh. I give a definite recommendation for early teens and a fair recommendation for adults as well. Published by the wonderful folks at Oni Press who bring readers many independent graphic storytelling wonders. I imagine this is but the first volume, collecting the first four issues of the comic book series.

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Banana Sunday