Recent Comic Reviews 3/2/07

Justice Society of America #3 I just recently got into the old JSA series through the TPBs, and really loved it for its great characterization and use of the DC universe and history. This relaunch has been a good continuation of that series' highlights, but it's a much darker version. Blood and gore are everywhere, and Johns (w) seems hell bent on killing off some of what made the series great. Hopefully, it won't continue in this vein (no pun intended). She-Hulk #16 She-Hulk continues as a SHIELD agent, which seems completely misdirected to me, but the supporting cast from her old law firm (she was an attorney) makes a brief appearance, so hopefully they aren't gone for good. Worth noting, this ish had a Wolverine guest appearance, which would normally spell "stinko" for me, but Slott (w) had Shulkie and Wolvie work well together.

Y, the Last Man #54 As with last issue, Vaughn (w) revisits some early players whom we haven't seen in awhile. It's done to less effect here, and this story adds little to the big picture. I guess Vaughn is just giving everyone a last word before he closes up shop for good with this title.

Criminal #4 What a great series! Brubaker (w) and Phillips (a) have made this a must-read. My only complaint is that I have a hard time following all the players from month to month. As with 100 Bullets, I'm considering going straight to TPB, but I don't want to stop supporting the ongoing as I'd hate for it to fail. And in a market crowded by superheroes, it's hard for a crime drama to get a fair showing.

52 #42 Despite some weeks that are less interesting than others, this series continues to be fun and hold my interest. I think the stories could have been planned out a bit better, but for a weekly title, it's done a pretty fair job of staying on top of things (that is, compared to other "monthly" titles, this one has them all beat in terms of management and execution). After following weepy Ralph (Elongated Man) Digby for, well, forty-one weeks, here he finally shows us what he's made of---rock on!