Recent Comic Reviews 2/27/07

Welcome to Tranquility #3 Similar (in concept) to Alan Moore's Top Ten, Tranquility is essentially the Branson, Missouri of the superhero set: it's where old heroes go to retire. Simone (w) pens an interesting little murder mystery in which we learn more about the characters and the town while the sheriff slowly unravels the case. As with other titles she writes (All New Atom), Simone's take on Tranquility is a bit post-modern, weaving past and present along with comic book conceits. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't; but it's nice to see someone push the medium a bit (even if it is still superheroes). Googe's artwork is competent and understandable, but it's a little too manga-inspired for my tastes, and all his characters seem divorced from their environment. Amazing Spider-Man #538 This was basically one long advertisement for Civil War, interspersed with other ads (one every other page). The actual storyline moved ahead exactly one panel. I won't be back for the "Back in Black" arc.

Shadowpact #10 Despite little action, this was a good issue. The second part of the Demon arc had almost no Demon, but the Blue Demon (yes, work with me) was in great form as he slowly became more like his namesake (although I still don't understand how a 2-pronged weapon can be called a "trident"). The team trudges on despite the black clouds hanging over their heads and their tactical leader at death's door. And while the book still lacks a real team feel, the characters themselves are developing nicely.