The Time Ships

The Time Ships Baxter, Stephen. The Time Ships. Bantam: New York, 1995. Baxter jumps full throttle into the world originally imagined by H.G. Wells with this putative sequel to The Time Machine. Our hero plunges again into the timestream only to discover that his every action has far-reaching consequences. Between meeting younger selves, re-engineering the human race, and a finding a Morlock for an ally, The Time Ships is a delightful and heady romp through the fantastic future and the prehistoric past with parallel histories and non-linear events.

As with other Baxter novels, this one trades in "hard" science, although what is possible or impossible after millions of years must be taken on faith. Likewise, there is more than one plot point that requires a stretching of believability; but all can be forgiven as Baxter explores the nature of quantum reality and the possibilities of remaking time itself.