Recent Comic Reviews 1/15/07

A handful of recent reads: Green Arrow #70 Batmen is in about 6 books a month, but it's just not enough for the surly superhero. So he's in GA as well for the next several issues. Look, the only reason I picked this title up is to see Ollie Queen as the mayor of Star City. That's been less than a subplot for 5 issues now. I really want to like this book, but it needs to get back on track (or on track as the case may be). No more desert islands; no more Batman. Ollie. I do still enjoy the artwork.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man #16 A nice conclusion to the Vulture 2-parter. Again, David (w) turns in a near perfect issue with a good balance of Spidey and his supporting cast. I'm still cringing at the presence of Arrow/the Other, but otherwise, more of this type of story, please. Unfortunately, that may not happen as it looks like next issue is getting an early jump on the Spider-man 3 movie tie-in with it's black costume and Sandman appearance...sigh...

Irredeemable Ant-Man #4 Still not clear why we need to be jumping back and forth in time (storywise, not literally); and I'm still not sure that it's a good idea to make the "hero" a complete bastard. I'm interested to see where it's all going, as S.H.I.E.L.D. is tracking down the itenerrant antman. But I wish this were a little more fun,which I think might be helped by redeeming the main character a bit. It's one thing to be a rogue; it's another to be a complete jerk.

Amazing Spider-Man #537 Peter comes over to the "good" side of the Civil War and Mary Jane and Aunt May are about to die. Is this what drives Spidey over the edge? Maybe not, but it's driving me away from the book. Look, it's not bad; it's just not Spider-man anymore.

All New Atom #7 The art gets a little better as Norton (a) tries to ape Byrne's (former artist) style. This is a step up from last issue as Brandon Choi starts to get on his feet and learn the ropes after accidently saving the world last ish. I'm becoming more and more convinced that all of Simone's (w) characters are actually meant to be insane. I still hate the floating quotes and the costume, but otherwise I'll stick around for this story arc.

All Star Superman #6 The nice thing about Morrison's (w) take on this title is that he has a good feel for the golden age of Superman, where any wacky thing can happen. Lots of love this time around as Supes meets his future selves and deals with the death of his earthly father. Quietly's art is still kind of creepy to me. It's good, but not quite appropriate for this book.