DMZ vol. 1: On the Ground

dmzOnce you get past the shaky premise—Manhattan has become the no man’s land between the warring sides of America (represented by the rest of NYC) and the Free States (represented by New Jersey)—DMZ offers an interesting look at life during wartime. Intern reporter Matty Roth has become stranded in the de-militarized zone and decides to make the best of his bad (and outright dangerous) situation: he’s going to tell the world what is really going on in the war. With obvious allusions to Iraq, writer Brian Wood paints with a wide brush, showing both the good news and the bad news about the war. People living with horror can, in spite of it all, become quite creative and inventive. Burchielli’s dark and detailed artwork provides a great backdrop for the tale. Whether or not this story could actually happen, by bringing the war home, DMZ forces one to think about what may be going on over there.