Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 1-3 - Brian Michael Bendis

I haven't read Spider-Man in a long time. Too many stupid story lines about alien costumes and clones. If only there was a way to cut out all the past nonsense. Well, starting the series over with a modern twist is an extreme way of doing that, but sure, OK. Bendis retells the story of Peter Parker, the nerdy kid who gets super spider powers and how it changes his life as he explores what it means to be saddled with both great power and great responsibility. There is a lot to like in the forty or so issues I read of this series: catchy dialogue, modern references, good art, and interesting takes on some classic villains. My problems are that the traditionally loser Parker is one of the coolest lady killers around, the dialogue is unrealistically snappy, the emphasis on modern references makes the comic dated all the faster (as opposed to the generic original), and some of the changes Bendis made to the villains (Green Goblin, I'm looking at you) are ridiculous. For all my complaints, I enjoyed Spider-Man as I haven't in years.