Age of Apocalypse

Imagine a world where Charles Xavier never lived to attempt to have mutants and humans live in harmony. Now imagine that Marvel comics actually made a comic book event that made sense or was any good. This series of crossover X-men titles is unreadable. The premise is that Xavier dies, his would-be archenemy takes over his dream and a powerful mutant named Apocalypse takes over America and starts genocide again humans. In this new reality, most bad guys are good guys, the rest of the non-mutant Marvel universe is ignored and we all know that all this will be rectified anyway (I never found out how as I couldn’t bring myself to finish the story). The writing sucks and the plot’s ridiculous (it’s not so much a world without Xavier, so much as a world where Magneto is the new Xavier, other superheroes are gone and there is Apocalypse) and it is a shame that Marvel hasn’t clue about quality.