The Squirrel # 1 Ships at Last!

I received my copies, both covers, of The Squirrel #1 today. My name appears on the credits page. Awesome. I get editor status. Thanks to the talented Kevin McVeigh. Alas, on the Publisher Introduction page (which was added way after I worked on the book), I am called Peter. Yes. Peter. All we need now is Mary and we've got a band (I am sure, or I hope, that Ian said D'oh when he caught it). Luckily though, Kevin's lettering came through preserved. Then again, Kevin may be messing with me by having done that on purpose...! He is a cruel bastard, but talented.

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Price: $3.50

28 page Full Size Comic, B+W w/color cover. First Printing, October 2006. By Kevin McVeigh

In this issue we learn the fantastic origin of "The Worlds Nuttiest Super-hero." From his early days living amongst the squirrels in the trees, to his high flying days in the circus as "The Spectacular Squirrel-Boy." Plus the shocking secret behind "The Squirrels'" amazing tail!! This is one issue you cant miss!!

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