Unshelved – Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum

This daily comic strip recounts the mundane adventures of Dewey, the Young Adult Librarian, his coworkers and acquaintances, as he deals with the typical occurrences of the public library system. Dewey is, well, me: he’s an acerbic, lazy, obsessed with popular culture—especially from his childhood—generation Xer and even looks like me (although I’ve never had the opportunity to ignore the interminable advances of a hot, young teacher as he does) and maybe that’s why I so enjoy this comic. Because of its characters and subject matter (the main characters of the comic are generic librarian stereotypes such as the cranky, older Luddite and the bubbly children’s librarian, as well as the sassy kid and an assortment of freaks for flavor), Unshelved might seem geared for librarians, but I don’t see how a humorous, simply drawn strip about dealing with public stupidity and government bureaucracy should be reserved for one profession.