Evil Dead: The Musical

When Sam Raimi wrote and directed the horror film, Evil Dead, in which a group of friends take a vacation in a cabin in the woods and accidentally unleash demonic spirits, he wanted it to be scary. Since that time, his and star Bruce Campbell’s work has been the essence of camp. The musical’s plot is the same, although it throws in some parts from the third Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, and takes the campy attitude and runs with it. I wasn’t sure how good this show would actually be. I thought perhaps it would simply be a lame attempt to cash in on a cult classic, but this production was astonishing. There were great dance numbers, funny lines and absolutely hilarious songs (my favorite being “What the…?”). The only problem with the show was the crowd and theater. The performance space was once a movie theater and the seats were designed for people looking up, not trying to see past some guy’s fat head. The crowd had a tendency to forget that yelling at the screen and making crude jokes is best saved for when you are viewing the original movies at home, and not when you’ve just paid a decent amount of money to have professionals act out the jokes and comments for you.