New York Aquarium

The Warriors didn’t have as much trouble getting to Coney Island as I did, but after two false starts due to subway mayhem, I managed to visit the city’s only aquarium. It was wonderful to visit this famous part of Brooklyn, although it would have been more exciting if I hadn’t gone off-season as the weather was chilly and the attractions of the area were closed. Still, it’s nice to see the various ocean critters and be next door to their original habitat. I had a blast staring unblinking into tanks filled with colorful, magical, frightening and astounding sea denizens and have realized my true calling is fish whisperer. If you’re just interested in seals and penguins, then you’re better suited for the Central Park Zoo, which has better displays and greater animal variety. Despite it’s rather small size, the aquarium is sure to delight and I was pleased that it attempted to educate the public about the dangers modern society poses to undersea life.