An Inconvenient Truth (2006) - A Movie and Forum Review

An Inconvenient Truth, 2006, features former Presiden... I mean Vice President only, Al Gore's well-traveled Global Warming presentation. The film presents much evidence of the consequences mankind has already reaped from its environmental apathy and gives dire projections about our future if we continue to do so little in regard to our world's stability. Entertaining while educating. Amazing visuals, easy to understand and plain good film making. How can you not want to make a difference? For more information on how to help yourself and the world around you, please visit

I managed to attend a free screening of this film at Northern Arizona University (NAU), followed by a Q&A forum headed up by a panel of experts; environmental activists, as well as a graduate student in environmental studies and several professors within that same focus. Many good questions were asked and received thoughtful, thought-provoking answers. As always, there are those who like to hear themselves speak, who asked questions that are completely irrelevant. You know, those questions that don't really have answers, or are can only be answered with inconsequential opinion-based speculation--answers that don't really provide any useful information. Still, this is America and I don't fault the panel for such answers, as they are only trying to respond respectfully.

When came my turn to nervously take the stage in the freezing Prochnow Auditorium, I asked a simple, but important question. Of the current candidates on the ballot, who has done the most for the environment and of the current statewide propositions dealing with land conservation, which of those best serve us and our environment? Sadly, the two-part question received few responses. The initial response regarded the Navajo nation, which I will not say is not important, but most of the remaining audience did not seem to be made of indigenous peoples, therefore that answer did not help those of us planning to vote in the impending state elections. My question then received a response from one of the professors who mentioned (R) Tom O'Halleran , incumbent State Senator for District 1, apparently takes on some issues generally not associated with Republicans, and his voice may be heard, considering he is a Republican in a fairly conservative state. Secondly mentioned was (D) Ellen Simon running for Arizona's 1st Congressional District. Though there are dozens of other names on the ballot, the only other one mentioned was incumbent governor Janet Napolitano, who has committed Arizona to the environmentally friendly Kyoto Accord, which the Bush administration will not ratify. One of the professors was not sure of the number of the proposition, but mentioned proposition 106 (it is 106, Conserving Arizona's Future, that is, vote YES on 106!). This 106 answer was clarified by the environmental student organizer-facilitator after the panel concluded answering. There is another similar, and confusing land conservation proposition, 105, State Land Trust Reform (to which I imagine the vote should be NO, since it would conserve less land) on the ballot.

Knowledge, consisting of statistics, and facts, as well as projections, is great to have, but when they are not applied, and when we do not know who to elect to use this information to help us, they are all fairly useless.

For more information to help you decide your future, please visit the following web sites:

Project Vote-Smart: bipartisan information on candidates for the whole nation!

The League of Women Voters of Arizona: also bipartisan, but only helpful to us Arizona residents.

Information has been gleaned from the forum mentioned above, as well as booklets from the Citizens Clean Elections Commission as well as the League of Women Voters of Arizona Education Fund, both regarding the primary election, this November 7, 2006.

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