The Toughest Indian in the World - A Book Review

Sherman Alxie's The Toughest Indian in the World, 2000, is a collection of short stories ranging from serious, to serious with lots of sarcastic humor and pop culture allusions, to science-fiction. I found myself laughing at loud many times while reading this book. I love Alexie's sense of humor and it comes out well in his writing. Issues of identity, race, sex and love are often explored with biting humor that some may not enjoy, but others will appreciate and laugh with the author.

Learn about the sensitive, real man behind John Wayne through the eyes and experiences of his Indian lover in "Dear John Wayne." Have an adventure with a crazy white man and his sidekick, Salmon Boy as they search for love in "South by Southwest." Look for the answer to the question, 'What is an Indian?' in "One Good Man."

One of the best reads I've had all year. Take the book at face value or dig into the stories and thier subtext. Either way, you should enjoy this read.

*Available at finer libraries and independent book dealers everywhere, in addtion to those other places that don't need your support as much.