Comic Reviews: 10/15/06

Y: the Last Man #50 So the secret is finally revealed, sorta. While I never expected it to be scientifically sound, I didn't think it would be based on a debunked "scientific" study. Still, this is a comic book, and had all the creatures with Y chromosones really died out, the entire ecosystem would have collapsed, not just human, I've overlooked a few details. I have enjoyed Y, but I'm glad it's winding down. You can only delay gratification so long, and Y has been a four year long tease. Fun, but still a tease. Doctor Strange: The Oath #1 This was far from a perfect issue of Doctor Strange (did we really need to hear his origin again?), but on the positive side, it had 3 things I love to see in a Strange book: Wong kicking ass on the earthly plane while Strange works on the ethereal one; Strange remembering he was once a surgeon, and putting that knowledge to use; and the human, emotional interaction between Strange and Wong. The maguffin is a bit over the top, but I suppose it's pretty mundane compared to the things Doctor Strange has seen.

Green Arrow #67 So this wasn't as bad as I expected, but as I mentioned last time around, the story could have been tied up in a couple of panels rather than 3 issues. I still enjoy McDaniel's artwork (very reminiscent of Phil Hester), but let's get back to the main story please. This sidetrack is pointless.

Irredeemable Ant-Man #1 And speaking of Hester, he does a nice job here on a new version of Ant-Man, even though I think his talents could be better served elsewhere. Ant-Man was a fun read, although the twists and turns were a bit annoying, and the narration seemed really awkward and out of place (maybe because it is used so little these days). I don't know that we need a second monthly title about a guy who can shrink (see below), but Kirkman does bring his flair for goofy characters along--and we can definitely use more fun comics.

All New Atom #4 So artist John Byrne is suddenly gone from this title, and while I won't shed any tears, his replacement has significantly less panache (and he seems not to have read the script in some places). Writer Simone lays out plotlines for the next dozen issues, and thankfully, gives us fewer quotable quotes this time around; but the story of the alien invasion is really dragging. She needs to wrap it up and get on to Brandon Choi doing his science thing or this one will be dropping from my rotation.

Fables #54 The cover alone is so creepy that you can tell things are about to go downhill for the Fables. The Adversary (er, I mean, the Emperor) begins his diabolical plan, and the espionage abounds. I'm not sure you could pick up this book at this point and understand what is going on, but, man, you should be reading it.

Dork #11 Wicked, wicked stuff from the deranged mind of Evan Dokin. I'm only 3 pages in, and I'm already rolling. The puns and the sight gags are just awful, and yet I can't look away. How long has it been since the last issue? TOO LONG.