The Warriors (movie)

Everybody praises this 1979 movie about a New York City Coney Island gang framed for the murder of a gang leader during a summit in the Bronx (Note to non-New Yorkers: that’s far away from Coney). Some say that it portrays a dark image that is NY in the seventies, others that it’s a heroic adventure tale; in truth it is neither. If this movie were made today, I might consider the former as the film shows the crime infested, graffiti covered city which, while still a caricature of reality peopled with the most asinine gangs one could imagine, is tinted with nostalgia. Yet to view it at face value, one must accept that there are no actual characters, a lackluster plot (other than this review, there has never been one that didn’t focus on the opening gang meeting, which, by the way, is nothing more than a silly inciting incident), pathetic action and drama (I had a more trying time getting to Brooklyn just yesterday and 100,000 gang members weren’t attempting to murder me), and really neither point nor true resolution.