Scavenger Hunt (1979) - A Movie Review - Entertaining Celluloid Masterpieces

I've once again raided the VHS shelves of the library in search of entertaining celluloid masterpieces. This time I have found a gem in Scavenger Hunt, and had I grown up in the 70's, I'd surely know who more of these actors were. I do know of Roddy McDowall, Cloris Leachman, Tony Randall, Scatman Crothers, the guy that plays Buddy in "Charles in Charge" and of course, the governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who makes a funny cameo as a gym trainer or manager, decrying use of "medicine" to become stronger. It's hard to go wrong with a movie about a scavenger hunt. Outlandish things usually happen in these movies and they are usually funny outlandish things. There is often what might seem like over the top characters, but they only add to the humor of these movies.

If you can find this one, rent it today!

*Available at finer libraries and independent video dealers everywhere, in addtion to those other places that don't need your support as much.