Spider-Man 2

With great power comes great responsibility, and an equal amount of uncertainty. Spider-Man returns and is having difficulty balancing his two personas. Peter Parker's life is in shambles (no money, slipping grades and a girlfriend who's had enough) while the web slinger is labeled a menace. Throw in the loss of his arachnid powers and a mad scientist with indestructible monster limbs and you can see how life can always be worse. This could have/should have been a great summer movie, except that it undermines itself by attempting too much. I enjoyed Sam Raimi's tributes to B slasher films, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and the Bruce Campbell scene as I did the set-up for no less than three other Spider-Man villains to come (I'm thinking you had a hand in this Michael Chabon), but the movie drags on and feels disjointed. The last thing anyone wants is a repeat of the Batman movies where everyone's favorite villains are given a role at the expense of good storytelling. PS Note to Oscorp: not being able to provide stable fusion may be a tough break, so I'd advice you to market the AI you developed for your mechanical arms. You know, the ones controlled through mental commands. Once again a superb actor takes the role as villain; perhaps one day we can see a Spider-Man that can act.