Comic Reviews: 9/28/06

Deadman #2 Brandon Case continues to hop through various alternate versions of his life. We're getting a little better picture of what is going on, but there's still not much story here. I'll stick around, but Jones (w) needs to start offering up a story pretty soon. Watkiss' artwork is still strong. Ultimates 2 #12 The Ultimates are roaring back to life after nearly losing America. Millar (w) gets in a couple of quick criticisms of American foreign policy, but the story is mostly all payback as the team kicks out the invaders. Fun once again, but it's a shame to have to wait so long between issues (I thought all the clean up was finished last issue).

52 #20 & 21 Lex Luthor's superhero team is probably the least interesting plotline of this series, but they take a giant leap forward by getting (more) interesting costumes and appropriating the "Infinity Inc." moniker. It was also cool to see to whom the mysterious eye belongs. These were 2 of the weaker issues, but not bad overall.

She-Hulk #12 Another fun issue of Shulkie, as she and her new husband fall into some interesting squabbles before getting whisked off to serve as an observer in the trial of Starfox. Personally, I always liked Starfox, so to cast him as a bad guy kinda bothers me. Nevertheless, Slott (w) has found a very clever motivation for his brother Thanos. Decent artwork by Burchett; hopefully, he'll stick around.

Jack Staff #11 Jack goes toe-to-toe with the Eternal Warrior. While entertaining, this title is definitely suffering from an irregular schedule and a plot that's a bit too off-the-cuff. I suspect that once it is all strung together, the story will make more sense, but right now it seems kinda off-track.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 I really hate to give up on a Spider-man title, but this has simply not lived up to it's promise. Granted, in its first year, it has been shanghied by several outside events ("The Other," "Civil War"); but even when David (w) had some room to breathe, he revisited a ten-year-old storyline that nobody really cared about. I suspect that much of the direction on this book is the result of the Marvel editorial board, but that's no reason to stick around. Plus, the loss of artist Wieringo only proves to me that even he's not interested anymore. I'll check back in when Peter Parker's old flame (or stalker) Deb Whitman returns, but otherwise, this book is now dead to me.

Love & Rockets #17 Another beautiful issue by los Bros. Hernandez. The only thing I don't care for in this book is the "Me for the Unknown" storyline, which I just can't get into. But otherwise, the continuing adventures of Hopey and the gang are just priceless. It may take you an issue or two to love the characters, but you can recognize the artistic brilliance immediately. If you're not reading this book, you are really only hurting yourself.