Comic Reviews: 9/18/06

Green Arrow #66 I thought the whole point of bumping all the DC books "one year later..." was that we could skip over all the unnecessary junk that got the characters into their new storylines. There's nothing especially wrong with this "look back" at Ollie's missing year; except that it completely derails what was, for me, an interesting story. Apparently, he went to a remote island and got advanced fighting training by some real bad asses. Whoop-de-do...Winnick (w) couldn't have revealed that in a panel or two? No, it looks like he's going to take several issues to explain it to us. Maybe I'll take several issues off until we're back on track. And what's with the changing narrative point of view? Sloppy, and a real downer for a book I was really enjoying. Fables #53 Holy crap! The Homelands come up with their plan to take down the Fables. And it's a frickin' nasty one that looks to wipe out the human race as well. Willingham (w) isn't pulling any punches with his end-of-the-world political retribution. Solidly good, but a little creepy.

Firestorm #29 This title is still treading water. It's good without being great. Firestorm finally learns who has been behind all his recent hero troubles, and...ho hum. The inter-communication between the various incarnations of Firestorm, as well as Jason's troubles at home are just much more interesting than his villain issues.

All New Atom #3 Here's another title that needs to pick up the pace. While it is entertaining to see Brandon adjust to his new teaching position, the whole "My enemy!" routine is a bit overdone. I wanna see the Atom get involved in some interesting sci fi tales, but the wavering line between science and magic kinda ruins this one for me.

52 #19 It's too bad that the editors didn't plan the art chores better so that the same artists could be drawing the same story threads each time. In any case, the mystery of Booster Gold deepens in a way that we all kinda saw coming, but was still nice to finally get there. And while I've never liked Lobo, I am interested to see what he's up to with the Eye.