Woman Hollering Creek - A Book Review

Woman Hollering Creek: And Other Stories, 1991, by famed author Sandra Cisneros, is a collection of excellent short, and not-so-short stories taking place in and around San Antonio, Texas and the Mexican/American border. The book starts off with tales about children and at times the stories are told from a child's point of view, "Eleven" being one of the most requested stories by children at Cisneros' readings and also a story even adults can relate to through their feelings and memories, because you may be 11, 51, or 92 years old, but you're still also every year you've lived before that. In the next section of the book, the characters in the stories are teens, having become older, but not necessarily wiser, in a world controlled by men and their culture.

The titular story is in this, the third section of the book. It's a short story about liberation, giving new meaning to the legend of "Woman Hollering Creek." In this section the reader also discovers a little, or a lot, of Cisneros through her characters' struggles with themselves, their sexuality, their relationships and all the other trials and tribulations that make up adult life.

Issues of ethnicity and multiculturalism also play a large part in her storytelling throughout all three sections.

Read the book and ask yourself: is Cisneros harsh towards men more than women, or is she equally honest about the foibles, flaws, and faults in both sexes in a culture that generally tries to keep women down.

Easily available at your local library or independent book dealer.