Cowboy Bebop

The year is 2071. Earth has become a backwater due to the constant asteroid bombardment from what is left of the moon after a terrible hyperspace gate accident. Luckily, hyperspace travel has been perfected, allowing humanity to travel the solar system and establish terra-formed havens on our neighboring planets. Enter the crew of the spaceship: Bebop. Jet is a former police officer with a soft heart and a hard sense of justice, Faye is a conniving amnesiac with a gambling problem, Ed is a hyperactive, prepubescent hacker, Ein is a genetically enhanced mutt, and Spike is a haunted and heart-broken ex-member of a notorious crime syndicate with a devil-may-care demeanor. Together they travel the space ways looking to nab the latest big-time crook and cash in on the bounty. Bebop's crew is perpetually broke, not due to lack of skill, simply luck, and our heroes spend almost as much time complaining as they do bounty hunting. Cowboy Bebop is an action adventure that is visually marvelous, funny, poignant, character driven, and intelligent. The show fuses sci-fi, crime fiction, anime, and jazz into a genre all its own.