Take a plunge into the lives of two urban adolescent girls and expose yourself to the dark and dangerous world where innocence is nowhere to be found. That's what the movie would like you to believe. The truth is that Thirteen is little more than a shock film designed to scare parents by presenting them a worse case scenario of what occurs when you don't pay enough attention to children in the bewildering time of puberty and instead let peer pressure lead them. Kids often act in ways that would mortify their parents, but the movie portrays drug dealing/using, theft, body piercing, interracial sexual promiscuity, self mutilation, and bi-curiosity solely to horrify the viewer whose only relief is that the children come from lower class, drug dependent, broken homes and thus ""couldn't possible be like my kids."" Yes, Nikki Reed did live some of the events described, and yet that doesn't make the movie a true--or even a particularly well-done--story.