Lucifer vol. I and II - Mike Carey

Devil in the Gateway and Children and Monsters explore the life and times of Lucifer (that's right, Satan, the Devil, Old Nick, Old Scratch, Morning Star, the fallen rebel angel himself) after he has abandoned Hell and moved to Los Angeles to open a nightclub. The supernatural world still has need for the great adversary's talent of deceit and Lucifer is recruited into defeating the rise of ancient gods. Lucifer's victory restarts him on a long and wickedly twisted road towards his old dream of universal domination regardless of how many hopes, dreams, or lives (human or angelic) he must crush. Carey has brought us the quintessential antihero and fleshed him out with spite and bile. Dante recognized that evil has a quality that makes it dangerously intriguing and Carey makes it delightful. The comic does suffer from a lack of coherent artistic style that I hope DC will eventually rectify this mistake.