Comic Reviews: 8/12/06

Some more recent reads: Blue Beetle #5: Woof. This issue took a serious downturn with a fill-in artist and a storyline about the Beetle trying to ingratiate himself with the local gang of superpowered teens before rescuing a baby from a demon. I'm okay with this title straddling the line between science and sorcery, but this story was just a mess. Hopefully, the title will get back on track quickly.

Tales Designed to Thrizzle #1 This one came out from Fantagraphics awhile back, but I just found it. Michael Kupperman begins an ongoing title in the tradition of Snake and Bacon. If you like S&B's off-kilter absurdist humor--and many people don't--you'll get a kick out of this title. But at $4.50 a pop, I'd almost rather have a full book.

Jack of Fables #1 A spin off of Fables, this title focuses solely on Jack (of Beanstalk and Giant Killer fame). I'm a big fan of Fables and Bill Willingham (co-writer), so this one gets free pass for a few months. This issue finds Jack abducted by a mysterious town that eradicates legends. It's not a bad start, but it's a bit exposition-heavy for a title that is largely relying on readers who already understand the premise.

52 #12 & 13 This book seems to be moving a bit faster now, which is just fine with me as the various plotlines were starting to bog down. Black Adam's plan to create a supernation is stalled as he falls for Isis, a hero who only wants to help. And the Elongated Man hopes to bring his wife back from the dead with some help from the Cult of Connor (Super-boy). If I were a die-hard DC fan, I might find some of these storylines off-putting. But as I have little emotional attachment to most of the characters, the plots are fairly interesting.