Comic Reviews: 8/3/06

Only time for a couple of reviews this time around. I have to hop a plane to see pal Mark. Savage Dragon #0 presents the somewhat long-awaited revelation of Savage Dragon's origin. Savage Dragon #1 (which appeared almost fifteen years ago) began with Dragon being discovered naked in a burning field, with no explanation of who or what he was. Frankly, the mystery was always part of the fun. Now--for reasons too complex to repeat (although I'm sure you can find them on the Savage Dragon website)--his origins are finally revealed. It's your basic sci-fi storyline involving aliens and the search for a place to land. Overall, not bad, but pretty unnecessary. Hard core Dragon fans will need to pick this up. The rest of you can skip it. And if you are looking to check out Savage Dragon for the first time, this is the wrong issue to pick up, as it has nothing to do with the current character.

All New Atom #2 Three issues in (new Atom's first appearance was Brave New Worlds) and I continue to be intrigued. Simone is quirky-ing up her supporting cast, and she seems to have a handle on some of the cooler things that a tiny hero might be capable of doing (and no, I don't mean riding ants). Still, a couple of pet peeves: Simone insists on sprinkling her script with quotable quotes that break up the flow of the story; and Atom's costume is backward--if he's supposed to have a large "A" on his body, his pants should be blue on the outside thigh and red on the inside, not the other way around.