If you have a book fetish and suffer from OCD then this is the site for you. I became a lifetime member of this on-line, do-it-yourself library cataloguing system and after a few mind-numbing, data-entry hours later I had close to a thousand entries-which is about a third-of my book collection organized and available to view by all who would care to know what perverse and diverse literature I haven’t yet had confiscated by the government or burnt by fanatics. LibraryThing is obviously not for everyone, or even a sizable minority, but for people like me who are obsessive about record and information management, it is a windfall. Sadly, it is still in its beta phase and I’ve become very frustrated seeing how so many of my entries, whether manually done or automatic, have been corrupted, such as with the author being unlisted despite my listing them. Perhaps even more bizarre is when isbn number searches turn up nothing or even the wrong listing (yes, I triple check everything). Check out my library at