Comic Reviews: 7/26/06

Reviews of books that I (mostly) picked up last week: She-Hulk #9 She-Hulk gets married to John Jameson, which seems like a really bad idea, but Slott plays it for lots of laughs. It was good to see Paul Smith's artwork again, although it looks like he won't be sticking around. A stable artist would really push this book up a notch. Still, fun.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #10 This ish winds up the future Spider-Man/future Green Goblin storyline. It all seemed rather pointless and unnecessary, except that apparently an alternate-earth Uncle Ben is still walking around. So this storyline will apparently continue. Bleh. If it weren't for the return of Mysterio next issue (and hopefully the return of fun Peter David stories), I'd be dropping this title.

Squadron Supreme #5 On the good side, this title seems mostly back on a monthly schedule. On the bad side, it's just not going anywhere for me. Once this arc finishes up (next ish maybe?) I'm going to go strictly TPB. The stories are okay (although JMS seems to be recycling his Rising Stars series), they just aren't great. Somehow, when Greunwald wrote this bunch of heroes, he packed a whallop into each issue (fun and depth). Here, JMS takes rather simplistic tales and tries to make them seem profound. I just feel hit over the head with the obvious as the plot just plods along.

52 #11 The introduction of Bat-woman is okay, although it's nothing to get real excited about. This series could stand to move forward a little more quickly before I start to lose the plot; but overall, it's a decent read.

Fables #51 Cinderella climbs the beanstalk to create a diplomatic incident. I really love the Fables. Willingham has just enough characterization and just enough plot to make this a series worth coming back for each month.

Shadowpact #3 And speaking of Willingham, his wrap-up to the first Shadowpact arc is not bad (the good guys win, after all), it just falls a little flat. Here, he relies too much on plot, without any real depth for his characters. Hopefully he'll start to flesh them out quickly. I'm hoping that Shadowpact could be the new Elementals, but I'm already disappointed that Willingham has given up the art chores.

Essential Marvel Team-Up vol 2 There's no way I can call these stoies great. But you get around 25 issues for about 60 cents each. And it has complete stories--unlike many of today's books. These issues pre-dated my comic-buying years--in fact I was still learning to read as they came out--but they were some of the first Spider-Man issues that I collected as back issues because they were usually the cheapest and easiest to find in decent condition. So these hold a lot of good memories for me even though they include such outlandish gems as Hercules dragging the island of Manhattan back into place after it was almost stolen. Uh-huh. Rock on.