Amelia Rules! What Makes You Happy - Jim Gownley

WMYH is a fine addition to the first trade paperback with the horrendous exception of a storyline revolving around the character of Tanner Clark. Tanner is a gorgeous, brilliant, and gifted former rock star that gave up fame in order to return to and successfully hide out in her small hometown. The character shatters the illusion of plausibility and detracts from the strength of our protagonist, Amelia, and wastes Gownley's time as he attempts to flesh out this pointless addition (a job his fails at miserably). Tanner should not be in this comic and it annoyed me that there was such focus on her. I purposely avoided mentioning Tanner's presence in the first trade under the delusional hope that she would later disappear and I truly regret focusing this review on her since Amelia Rules! rules when it is about Amelia.