Comic Reviews: 7/14/06

Some fun comics this week: Thing #8 As predicted awhile back, this charming title just couldn't last. Luckily, it goes out with a bang. The Thing throws a poker night, and the entire Marvel Universe is invited. Nice art, good characterization, and overall fun. I'll miss ya, big guy.

52 #9 and #10 20% of the way through, and I'm still enjoying this title. Sure, there are multiple plots that often step on one another, but Waid, Johns, Morrison, and Rucka keep things moving forward--if not always at the pace I'd prefer. Frankly, a weekly book is a great idea (even if I don't pick it up every week), and this is essentially an anthology of tales that will likely collide somewhere down the road. So far, color me interested.

Firestorm #27 I'm not sure what keeps drawing me back, but Moore seems to have a handle on Firestorm's component parts: Prof. Stein, Lorainne, and Jason; and the story seems to be moving toward something. The villains are kinda ho-hum, but if he can keep developing the core cast, I'll stay on board.

The All New Atom #1 I doubt there was a whole lot of clamoring for a new Atom title, but this one is kind of intriguing. I was never much of a fan, so I'm not upset that this is not the original Atom. Dr. Ryan Choi steps into the outfit and the mystery of the former hero, and it's kind of nice to see a newbie try to learn the ropes (which is more interesting to me than the brewing conflict of an alien invasion). Simone seems to be putting together a solid story arc with an interesting cast of characters; although her sprinkling of famous quotes into the narration is downright irritating. Byrne's artwork hasn't changed much in 20 years; he's a good craftsman, undoubtedly, but my rating is often dependent on his inker. Here he gets a middle grade.